A Constructed World, founded in 1993, is the collaborative project of Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva.
Amelia Barikin is a writer and independent curator. Her book Parallel Presents: The Art of Pierre Huyghe was published by MIT Press in 2012; her co-edited anthology Making Worlds: Art and Science Fiction was published by Surpllus in 2013.
Anusha Kenny is a Melbourne-based arts writer, curator and judge's associate.
Astrid Lorange and Andrew Brook operate as Body Party. Body Party are a collective of deviants who individually and collectively make words, sounds, images, objects and conspiracy theories.
Avni Dauti is an emerging multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne.
Ben Coonley lives in Brooklyn and Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. He is an Assistant Professor of Film and Electronic Arts at Bard College.
Carolyn Kane writes about the history and philosophy of digital technology. Her book, Chromatic Algorithms: Synthetic Color, Computer Art, and Aesthetics after Code is forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press in 2014.
Chris Mann is an Australian-American composer, poet and performer specializing in the emerging field of compositional linguistics. He is currently based in New York City.
Christopher Kirkley is a musicologist and the creator of Sahelsounds.com, a project exploring the cultural and musical phenomena of the Sahel region of West Africa.
Chronox create hypnotic, playful environments using slowly evolving layers of rhythm, motion, shape and colour. Creating works across music, installation and publication since 2008, Chronox have exhibited in such forums as MONA FOMA, PICA and the Now Now.
Damiano Bertoli is a Melbourne-based artist. His projects explore the complexity of appropriation and the idea of revisiting historical works or events.
David Chesworth and Sonia Leber
Dina Kelberman is an artist living and working in Baltimore, USA. She is a founding member of the Wham City artist collective and a weekly comics contributor to the Baltimore City Paper.
Emily Floyd is a Melbourne-based artist, lecturer and researcher. She is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery Sydney and Melbourne.
Fayen d'Evie is an artist and writer, and founder of the publishing imprint 3-Ply.
Gavan Blau and Sarinah Masukor
Hamish Win lives and works in Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand.
Hannah Black is a writer and artist, and is currently undertaking the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York.
Harry Burke is a writer based in London. Bunny Rogers is an artist based in New York.
Henna-Riika Halonen is an artist. She lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.
Isabelle Sully and Lewis Fidock
James Eisen is a Melbourne-based artist.
Jennifer Chan is an artist-curator living and working in Chicago, IL.
Jessie Scott is a video artist, programmer and producer who works across the spectrum of screen culture in Melbourne.
Juliette Bonneviot lives and works in Berlin.
Dr Justin Clemens is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Culture and Communication, Melbourne University. His most recent book is Psychoanalysis is an Antiphilosophy (Edinburgh University Press).
Kelly Fliedner is an editor of West Space Journal.
Kim Brockett is a Melbourne-based curator.
Lauren Bliss is a writer and PhD student at the University of Melbourne.
Dr Lesley Gourlay is Senior Lecturer in Culture, Communication and Media at the Institute of Education, London.
Liang Luscombe is an artist and Program Curator at West Space.
Lou Hubbard is a Melbourne-based artist. Her research practice focuses on the dynamics of training, submission and the aesthetics of sentimentality.
Louisa King is a landscape architect and researcher.
Marcus Herse is an artist currently based in Los Angeles. Born in 1975 in Dinslaken, Germany, he studied painting at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, where he received the Meisterschüler Title in 2001 and the Akademiebrief in 2004. He is represented by Greene Exhibitions in Los Angeles.
Marina Vishmidt is a London-based writer who deals mainly with art, value and the politics of work and abstraction.
Martine Stig is an artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Martine Syms is based in Los Angeles, California.
Melanie Gilligan lives in London and New York and works in a variety of media including video, performance, text, installation and music.
Michael Farrell
Mike Bulajewski is a user experience designer and graduate student at the University of Washington's Human Centered Design and Engineering program.
Naeem Mohaiemen (born 1969) is a writer and visual artist, working in Dhaka and New York. He uses essays, photography, and film to research histories of the international left, and the failure of utopia projects.
Neïl Beloufa lives and works in Paris, France. He has had recent solo exhibitions at Balice Hertling, Paris; Kunsthaus Glarus, Zurich, Switzerland; The Western Front, Vancouver, Canada; Saprophyt, Vienna, Austria; and ZERO …, Milan, Italy.
Nicholas Mangan
Nick Garner is a co-founder and the producer of Das Platforms, an Australian-based contemporary art media project. He holds a BFA (2006) and MArt (2012) from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.
Nick Selenitsch is an artist, living and working in Melbourne. He is represented in Australia by Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.
Oscar Perry is a Melbourne-based artist.
Patrick Pound is a Melbourne-based artist. His work poses the world as a puzzle.
Peter Tyndall is an artist and the publisher of bLOGOS/HA HA.
Rowan McNaught is an editor of West Space Journal.
Sally Shafto is an independent scholar and translator at Senses of Cinema.
Sam Szoke-Burke is a human rights lawyer, musician and a founder of Brothersister Records.
Sarinah Masukor lives in Sydney and writes for Radio National, Metro and West Space Journal. Like Simryn Gill and Tsai Ming Liang, her father was born in Malaysia.
Sean Dockray is an artist, a founding director of the Los Angeles non-profit Telic Arts Exchange, and initiator of knowledge-sharing platforms The Public School and aaaarg. org.
Slavs and Tatars is a faction of polemics and intimacies devoted to an area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China known as Eurasia. The collective’s work spans several media, disciplines, and a broad spectrum of cultural registers (high and low) focusing on an oft-forgotten sphere of influence between Slavs, Caucasians and Central Asians.
Dr Sophie Couchman is chief curator at the Chinese Museum (Melbourne) and an Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe University. She recently edited the book "Chinese Australians: Politics, Engagement and Resistance" with Kate Bagnall.
Takuji Kogo organizes the *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS, a Japanese based platform for international collaborative art projects. Takuji Kogo is a direcor of the Kitakyushu Biennial through the *Candy Factory Projects in collaboration with Keiichi Miyagawa and Yoshitaka Mouri since 2007. Takuji Kogo lives in Fukuoka, Japan.
Takuji Kogo and Federico Baronello collaborate on the *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS, a Japanese based platform for international collaborative art projects. Takuji Kogo is a direcor of the Kitakyushu Biennial through the *Candy Factory Projects in collaboration with Keiichi Miyagawa and Yoshitaka Mouri since 2007. Takuji Kogo lives in Fukuoka, Japan. Federico Baronello is an artist and a documentary photographer (still and motion pictures). In 2012 he organized to open *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS in ROME at Auditorium Parco della Musica Rome. Federico Baronello is based in Catania, Italy.
Tanya Lee grew up in wheat-belt W.A.  She has a Masters in Visual Art from Curtin University, during which she spent a year as academic in residence at ENSAD Dijon, France. She currently lives and works in Perth.
Tim Alves is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Art and Design at Monash University, and a curator at Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne.
Toril Johannesen is an artist, living and working in Bergen, Norway.
Warren Fahey is a Sydney-based Cultural Historian, author and performer. His Australian Folklore Unit site offers resources on Australian history, music and folklore.
Wei Huang is a type designer and designed our masthead.
Xavier Toby
Yael Bartana (born 1970, Kfar Yehezkel, Israel) is an Israeli video artist, who lives and works in Berlin and Tel Aviv.
Stu Campbell works with the Yijala Yala Project, a project funded by Woodside-operated Pluto LNG through a Conservation Agreement with the Commonwealth government that aim highlight, present, transmit, manage, conserve and research the cultural heritage values of the Burrup Peninsula (Murujuga) and the Dampier Archipelago.
YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES (yhchang.com) is the Seoul-based duo Young-hae Chang and Marc Voge.
Zanny Begg works as an artist, organiser and curator. She has exhibited and widely and participated in residencies internationally. She was the director of Tin Sheds Gallery (2010-2014) and is currently employed as an academic at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.