News Intermix

Chrome Extension


News Intermix is a Chrome extension designed by West Space Journal. It has a database of ~900 geographically-diverse English-language news sites. Tell the extension what your daily news site is—or whatever site you habitually and automatically visit in lieu of a better idea—and enter the percentage of visits that you want to be redirected to a random news source. It’s a non-fawning user interface that can break the tendency to stay spatially localised in the face of collapsed geographies and near-unfathomable possibility. It’s a hammer that occasionally, instead of hitting the nail as expected, hits a gigantic, imaginary ‘introductory trebuchet’ for people and places.

Install News Intermix here »

n.b., In the spirit of the extension being a kind of challenge, the list isn’t perfect. There are some broken sites that we’re gradually removing. Sorry, also, if anything weird snuck in there. Let us know. We are also looking into developing the extension for other browsers.