Minimal Jeune Fille

Juliette Bonneviot

Minimal Jeune Fille,
Random Thoughts and Ordered Gesture,
as a Ground for Tacit Knowledge.


A disposable Young Girl invested me.
Panics occured when not adapting to the new.
I was told resistance is futile.
My things and my iPhone and my iPad and my personal computer and my traded off person.
Touchy-Feely wouldn’t let me experience the quiddity of post-colonial Slavery.
Quotation marks and cynicism to avoid ethics.
I was here to waste and destruct.
Waste is Me. Waste is You.
Waste is every Young Girl out there.


I am a Young Girl, a woman, an emerging artist, maybe a mother one day, existing in an ecology of interconnected things. (Random Order)
As a European, I produce 11 tones of Carbon Dioxyde per year.
My American friend produces 22 tones per year.
My Australian friend produces 18 tones per year.
My Chinese friend produces 8 tones per year.
My Indian friend produces 3 tones of Carbon Dioxyde per year.
Keep America Beautiful is an organisation that was created in response to 1953 Vermont’s ban on disposable bottles.
In 1953 Keep America Beautiful opened a wide door to corporate greenwash.
More than half of our downcyclables are being exported and recycled in China and India in obscure conditions.
Waste is uncanny. Waste is neurotic.


The hierarchy of waste in my household can be applied to any design process:
Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (and only in that Order).
Everything I do is Art is Art.


The malleability of my brain is called neuroplasticity.
Plastic Explosive.
My brain isn’t only flexible.
It also allows for resistance and the rejection of every constituted form.
In my household there is little room for alteration and a lot of room for maintenance.
This page does nothing but build Tacit Knowledge.
The Explicit Knowledge is there too.
But the most valuable Knowledge comes from the Tacit Memory that is being built through Networks.







Juliette Bonneviot lives and works in Berlin.