Fred Bartley, also in Broken Hill, recalled Bailey and another strikebreaker named Packer. He remembered a parody of ‘Only a Button Between You and Disgrace’.

He was caught in the big mine office,
Surrounded by police and scabs.
He gazed out into the township
Watching the trams and cabs.
Then came the relief of pickets,
And up went cheer after cheer,
And the band it struck up ‘Bill bailey’
And he fancied he could hear:

You are a scab, a loyalist to the mine,
You scabbed on your workmates
By not falling into line.
You drive the big mine lorry,
You bend your head in shame,
You’re afraid to look at your workmates
And Packer is your name.

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Warren Fahey is a Sydney-based Cultural Historian, author and performer. His Australian Folklore Unit site offers resources on Australian history, music and folklore.